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Updated as of 11/10/2017 - 23:43 PM.

Someone infected your computer with a load of viruses... Now you have to stop them. How? The only way you know how. By shooting stuff.

Adamant_REBOOT(); is a twin stick shooter with a psychadelic, glitchy art style, enemies made of complex geometric shapes,  and a big focus on boss battles.

Fight through 6 levels of tense twin stick shooting action, fending off over 25 enemy types and 13 bosses (6 bosses, 6 mini bosses... Psst, don't tell anyone I told you but...  A secret boss.) with multiple health bars and bullet hell attacks, while listening to an upbeat, fast paced chiptune/dnb soundtrack!

The game also includes 4 different gamemodes (to be added!), and multiplayer! (Probably to be added.)


The game is currently in alpha, only two levels are complete, but I'm working on more!

Please email any bugs you find to me! 

Some of the menu isn't finished either, including the options cough cough.

Also, graphics are bound to change. They'll become more detailed as I go on, and backgrounds/the arena will become more complex. 


Issues with collisions with square followers. They only hurt you if you walk into them.

Please email any to me!


Adamant_REBOOT();.zip 45 MB